Santo Stefano church

Laser scanner survey to BIM

Former school building - Mirandola

Laser scanner survey to BIM

Kaleseramik - Çanakkale

Rilievo e restituzione in BIM geometrico di parte dell'impianto industriale a Çanakkale (TURCHIA)

Petrochemical Tanks

Surveying and analysis of internal deformation exhibited by four petrochemical tanks

Frasassi Caves

Surveying and design of new tourist paths within the third Karstic level of the Frasassi Caves

Ancient Walls of Ravenna

Surveying of the north side of an ancient wall in Ravenna, Italy

Vehicle Interiors

Support for the design of equipment storage and work structures within industrial vehicles

Palazzo Busetti

Rilievo laserscanner e restituzione dei prospetti storici di Palazzo Busetti a Reggio nell'Emilia